Artistic Direction

Kei Koito is a founder and artistic director of the Festival Bach de Lausanne (Lausanne Bach Festival / Bachfest Lausanne) created in 1997. The Festival Bach consists of concerts by orchestras, ensembles, choirs, and soloists, as well as conferences, seminars, and master-classes. The musical aesthetics of the festival are always connected to the music of J.S. Bach. The program mainly comprises the repertoires of early music (from the sixteenth to the first half of the eighteenth centuries).

Kei Koito currently serves as a co-producer of Lausanne Opera for the repertory of early eras, which performs works by composers such as Lully and Monteverdi that are then presented as part of the Festival Bach.

She also founded the “Grand Prix Bach de Lausanne / International Organ Competition” to discover young talents from all over the world.

“The Festival Bach de Lausanne has chosen the – in my view – only possible way to pay respect to music that one admires and loves: to take it as it is (in music that can, of course, only mean : try to stay within the possibilities of the period) and not want to adapt it to our own wishes or ideas. We can know a work of art only by its physical exterior; if we change the exterior we obscure or alter the interior. This honest approach of the Festival is admirably reflected in the choice of artists and programmes.”

Gustav Leonhardt